CONTEMPT have been kickin' out punk rock tunes since 1984. The band came together out of the ashes of three Wolverhampton based Punk bands Vendetta, Seventh Plague and Pulex Irritans and have since gone on to tour all over the UK and in Europe. The band's line-up has changed a lot over the years, but the music remains true and CONTEMPT just refuse to go away...... CONTEMPT PLAY MID TEMPO - FAST ANARCHO PUNK ROCK, WITH POLITICAL LYRICS COVERING ISSUES SUCH AS WAR, POVERTY, HUMAN RIGHTS, ANIMAL RIGHTS, ANTI-FASCISM, ANTI-RACISM AND ANTI-CAPITALISM.....

Current line up:,

Martin - Guitar,

Craig - Drums,

sam - Bass,

Steve - Vocals.

trogg r.i.p

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